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Leading manufacturer of industrial storage since 1922 based in the historic town of Durham, Connecticut. Their top of the range products include metal and plastic equipments, workbenches and work stations. In addition to these products, the company also produces high quality FM approved flammable cabinets, gas cylinders and weapon storage systems.
Their manufacturing plants located in central Connecticut and Juarez, Mexico employ state-of-the-art technology and rank among the top manufacturing and distribution facilities in the industry.
* Visit www.durhammfg.com for more product information.

Aerosol Storage Cabinet

Line Card Update

Flammable Safety Storage

Norchem products which originated in Norway consist of chemical cleaners and water treatment products. All Norchem products are manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure optimum performance. Norchem products are commonly used in such applications in the marine, industrial and offshore industries.

The Norchem range consist of water, acidic solvent and water-based detergents and cleaners, inhibitors, boilers and cooling water treatments as well as many others.

Our Best Sellers include:

Product Description PDS
HS 421 Aantiseptic Hand Soap Antiseptic Hand Soap
Norchem Sanitizing Disinfectant
Non-alcohol Disinfectant
Norchem Sanitizing Disinfectant Alcohol Based Antiseptic Formulation
 Norchem Hand Sanitizer WB Non-alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant
  Norchem Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Disinfecting Liquid
  Norchem Hand Sanitizer Gel
Alcoholic Disinfectant Gel
RS 235 Rust Stripper A phosphoric acid based rust stains remover and preventive
RC 293 Ruscon A blend of organic acid and chelating agents specially created as a effective rust converter
EC 564 Electric Cleaner High flash point solvent cleaner for electrical components
EC 565 Electric Cleaner Non-flammable ‘Fast Dry’ solvent cleaner for electrical components
SD 569 Solvent Degreaser Water emulsifiable solvent degreaser to remove the most persistent oil-based soils
OSD 570 Oil Spill Dispersant ‘Low Toxic’ biodegradable oil spill dispersant for use on onshore and offshore
TC 588 Tank Cleaner Highly concentrated water emulsifiable tank and bilge cleaner
AC 641 Alkaline Cleaning Compound Concentrated heavy duty biodegradable cleaner and as an excellent rigwash
RW 642 Rigwash An economical biodegradable liquid rigwash
AS 666 Universal Solvent Cleaner An alkaline based degreaser with fortified water dilutable solvents to remove the most stubborn oil deposits
WBC 680 Seaquest Type 3 concentrated water-based dispersant for use on onshore and offshore
Solsud A mild and environmentally friendly water-based multipurpose cleaner

* Please contact us for more information on our complete range of chemicals.

Norchem Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant

WBC 680 Seaquest

TC 588 Tank Cleaner

Royal Mfg Co, celebrating 100 years as a leading manufacturer and marketer of lubricants and greases made in the United States, is currently focused on marketing Royal branded line that has been extending the life of your equipment for over a century. A registered ISO 9001:2008 Company, Royal Manufactures hundreds of different types of lubricating oils and greases by utilizing biodegradable, synthetic and mineral base oils for all types of applications including; mining, construction, oil and natural gas, steel mills, marine, industrial , agriculture and transportation.
Complete range of high performance greases from general purpose to heavy duty applications. Available in food, synthetic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Product Name Product Description PDS MSDS
Multilube EP2
Outstanding multipurpose extreme pressure lithium 12 hydroxy grease
Graphite Grease
Graphited calcium grease designed for use in areas subjected to very wet conditions
Royal 98 EP
Bearing grease operating on a temperature from -40°F to 525°F. Recommended for most types of bearings
Crown Royal EP
High quality molygrease fortified with molybdenum disulphide and graphite for high temperature and heavy duty applications
Ultra 865M
Fortified molybdenum disulphite heavy-duty and extreme pressure grease exhibiting outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosive saltwater environments
Ultra 865HD  
Environmentally-Friendly and superior heavy-duty grease exhibiting outstanding film strength and high resistance to corrosive saltwater environments
Crown Tech Edge
Heavy-duty and high temperature H1 food grade grease designed to provide superior lubrication over a wide range of severe operating conditions in the food   industry
Enviroguard EP2
Environmentally friendly grease with biodegradable characteristics designed for used in marine, waste water treatment facilities, inland waterways, farms and   construction applications
Enviroguard Journey
Newest generation for wire ropes, open gears and cable protection. Readily biodegradable, non-toxic, heavy metal and solvent free
Enviroguard Wire Rope Lube
Unique blend of vegetable oils offering superior lubricant performance along with being ‘readily biodegradable’
   * Note: Also available in 400gm cartridge for various types of greases.
www.royalmfg.com for other variety of greases

Ultra 865M

Ultra 865HD

Royal 98 EP

For the past 30 years, industrial wiping paper products have been widely used by all industries due to their numerous advantages over conventional rags. These companies have been enjoying the benefits of specially developed paper wipers, which are more economical, convenient, consistent and reliable than old fashioned rags, garment waste and other traditional wiping materials.

Realizing the potential market for paper wipers, Goldcrest managed to secure the cooperation of several paper mills and converters in Europe to produce a variety of highquality wiping tissues and this partnership has been going strong and successful in the last two decades.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for higher quality and more economical paper wiping materials, these paper manufacturers have acquired new converting machines with the latest DESL (Double Embossing Synchronized Lamination) technology to produce 2 & 3 Ply micro-embossed glued paper wipers, which are stronger when wet or dry, high in absorbency, cleans better and most importantly reduce cost. These include specially manufactured rolls of various qualities and sizes in pure, mixed and recycled cellulose to service both the industrial and institutional industries.

Due to their virtually lint-free, higher absorbency capacity and stronger wet strength characteristics; more industries are switching to these products for their cleaning needs, thus contributing to the eventual demise of traditional wiping material.

Therefore, for your entire requirement from the simplest task of drying the hands to the most demanding task of absorbing viscous liquids, delicate cleaning and polishing of highly sensitive parts and equipments, these products will be the ultimate solution.

A) Purawipe – Hygiene & Industrial Rolls
This range of 100% pure cellulose tissues possess good wet strength and high absorbency and virtually lint-free and are suitable for a variety of applications. Products effectively clean and remove liquids, oils and greases from hands, table tops, kitchen utensils, machinery, parts and equipment. Very economical and excellent substitute for wiping cloth and rags. Available in industrial and handtowel rolls, wipers, medical rolls and toilet rolls.
⇒ Hotels, restaurants, caterers, hospitals, laboratories where hygiene is of vital importance. For these industries, the centrefeed rolls are highly recommended.
⇒ Manufacturing, automotive, garages, food processing, petrochemical, refineries, etc.

Scana Description Measurement Approx wt. per roll/case Packing
Multipurpose Industrial Roll, Plain,
1 Ply, Perforated
26cm x 1000m
Perforation: 35cm
5.4 kg 2 rolls
Centrefeed Midi Roll, Plain,
1 Ply, Perforated
20cm x 300m
Perforation: 30cm
1.40 kg 6 rolls
Centrefeed Midi Roll, Embossed,
1 Ply, Perforated
20cm x 250m
Perforation: 37cm
1.10 kg 6 rolls
Centrefeed Midi Roll, Embossed,
1 Ply, Perforated
22cm x 300m
Perforation: 35cm
1.24 kg 6 rolls
Centrefeed Mini Roll, Plain,
1 Ply, Perforated
20cm x 120m
Perforation: 30cm
0.60 kg 12 rolls
Centrefeed Handtowel 2 Ply, Blue,
22cm x 135m
Perforation: 30cm
1.10 kg
6 rolls
12331 C-Fold Handtowel, 1 Ply, Embossed 23cm x 31cm
9.5 kg/
20 pkts x
12422 M-Fold Handtowel 1 Ply, Embossed 24cm x 22cm
9.00 kg/
20 pkts x
21020 Jumbo Toilet Roll 2 Ply, Plain
10cm x 200m
Perforation: 23cm
7.2 kg/
12 rolls
15044 Medical Roll 1 Ply, Embossed
44cm x 150m
Perforation: 38cm
2.80 kg 6 rolls
15052 Medical Roll 1 Ply, Embossed
52cm x 150m
Perforation: 38cm
3.30 kg 6 rolls
15059 Medical Roll 1 Ply, Embossed
59cm x 150m
Perforation: 38cm
3.80 kg 6 rolls
2550 Medical Roll 2 Ply, Embossed
50cm x 50m
Perforation: 38cm
1.15 kg 9 rolls
2680 Medical Roll 2 Ply, Embossed
60cm x 80m
Perforation: 38cm
2.05 kg 6 rolls

B) Puraplus - Industrial Rolls
These wiping paper tissues are manufactured from 100% pure cellulose, which possess excellent wet strength, high absorption rate, low-lint and softness. They are highly resistant to solvents, oils or greases and with its softness will not scratch any hard surfaces. Suitable for use to clean and remove inks, paints, solvents, chemicals, oils and greases from hands, machinery, parts, rollers, printers, equipment, etc.
Marine, electronics, manufacturing, automotive assembly plants, chemical, printing, aeronautic, hospitals and oil and gas industries.

Scana Description Measurement Approx wt. per roll/case Packing
22655 Puraplus Wiper 2 Ply, Plain
26cm x 555m
Perforation: 35cm
5.00 kg 2 rolls
22656 Puraplus Wiper 2 Ply, Plain
26cm x 350m
Perforation: 35cm
3.60 kg 2 rolls
22825 Multisoft Wiper 2 Ply, Plain
28cm x 250m
Perforation: 37cm
3.40 kg 2 rolls
11795 Multisoft Wiper 2 Ply, Plain
32cm x 285m
Perforation: 35cm
3.35 kg 2 rolls
11492 Multisoft Wiper 2 Ply, Plain
29cm x 285m
Perforation: 35cm
3.00 kg 2 rolls
11490 Mutlisoft Wiper 4 Ply, Plain
36cm x 360m
Perforation: 36cm
8.00 kg 1 roll
22637 Multiclean Wiper 2 Ply, Embossed
26cm x 330m
Perforation: 30cm
3.00 kg 2 rolls
22437 Multiclean Wiper 2 Ply, Embossed
26cm x 200m
Perforation: 26cm
1.50 kg 2 rolls
114 Industrial Roll 2 Ply, Embossed
24cm x 428m
Perforation: 28cm
3.70 kg 2 rolls
Centrefeed Handtowel 2 Ply,
21cm x 135m
Perforation: 30cm
1.00 kg 6 rolls
22216 Easycut HRT 2 Ply, Embossed 21cm x 150m 1.35 kg 6 rolls
22366 Maxi Kitchen Roll 2 Ply, Embossed
23cm x 66m
Perforation: 23cm
0.50 kg 12 rolls
22316 Mega Kitchen Roll 2 Ply, Embossed
23cm x 160m
Perforation: 23cm
1.40 kg 3 rolls

C) Puratex – Mixed and Recycled Industrial Rolls
These paper roll tissues are manufactured from specially selected high quality mixed and recycled paper materials. The 2 and 3 Ply are soft and feature the latest microembossing, which improves their high absorbency and tear resistance, and are recommended where paper consumption is high.

These paper tissues are economical and well-suited for wiping off thick oil and greases as well as liquids. Depending on requirements, the 2 Ply is suitable as a generalpurpose wiper and the 3 Ply is more suitable for heavy-duty or exceptionally harsh conditions. The 1 Ply recycled is a low cost general purpose light to medium wipe and where usage is of high consumption.

Engineering workshops, manufacturing, automotive assembly plants, hospitals, refineries, power plants, etc.

Scana Description Measurement Approx wt. per roll/case Packing
33838ER Puratex Oilplus Blue, 3 Ply, Embossed and Perforated 36cm x 360m Perforation: 36cm 7.50 kg 1 roll
22455 Puratex Oilplus Blue, 2 Ply, Embossed and Perforated 26cm x 190m Perforation: 29cm 3.70 kg 2 rolls
12490ER           Multipurpose Roll 1 Ply,             Plain and Non-Perforated 24cm x 1000m 5.20 kg 2 rolls

Purawipe ĘC Hygiene & Industrial Rolls

Puraplus - Industrial Rolls

Puratex ĘC Mixed and Recycled Industrial Rolls

Ferryl has manufactured and sold specialty anticorrosive products in the shipping industry since 1955. Originally a Swedish company, Ferryl is now a family business in the 3rd generation and a brand recognised worldwide for superior quality.
A focus on niche areas not covered by generic products on the market has resulted in a range of unique products in three categories - anticorrosive greases and oils, plastic-like coatings and maintenance chemicals.
Ferryl specialized in specialty anticorrosive oil and greases that offers optimum performance.

Product Description PDF
  Ferryl 101   Anti-corrosive wire rope oil
  Ferryl 103   Long-term rust preventive oil
  Ferryl 202   Anticorrosive wire-rope grease
  Ferryl 202 White

  Anticorrosive White wire-rope grease

  Ferry 202 Aluminum

 High-temperature aluminum-based ‘grease-paint’

  Ferryl 401

  Anticorrosive Transparent Coating

  Ferryl 502

  Anticorrosive Fluorescent Coating Ferrycid Rust Removert

Ferryl 502

Ferryl 401

Ferryl 202


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